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Some beautiful places to visit

With the unique architectural and cutural fearture, Saigon Opera House is one of the best places to visit in Ho Chi Minh City. If you get the opportunity to travel there, don't miss this attraction.

When one talks about Hanoi's attractions, it's deficient if we don't mention the Flag Tower - considered as the symbol of the capital. If you get the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, don't miss this destination.

Monkey Island is one of the most attractive destinations that you should not miss when visiting Cat Ba. With clean and emerald sea water and natural beauty, you will have unforgettbale experiences when spending your holiday here.

Tao Dan Park is one of the most attractive destinations in Saigon. It's an ideal place for morning exercise and relaxing at the weekend.

The stork island is is renowned as a beautiful and stunning natural destination that rises like a jewel blessed by nature in Hai Duong. With an area of more than 3,000m2, the stork island is home to 15,000 storks and more than 5,000 herons of various kinds and such rare and precious birds as pelicans and teals residing together.

In September, autumn brings a wonderful yellow season on every regions of Northwestern Vietnam. Paddy fields of H’Mong people in Vu Lung Sung village, Trung Chai commune, Sapa, Lao Cai used to be recognized as one of seven most breathtaking terraced fields of Asia and the world by Travel & Leisure magazine.

Thong Nhat (or Reunification) Park is a great spot to relax with a book or enjoy a hassle-free stroll or jog. While you wouldn’t come out of your way to visit as a tourist, if you’re looking to do a spot of people-watching or running, it will do the trick very nicely.

Truc Lam Monastery is one of the most attractive destinations in Dalat. It is the operating headquarters for the Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute and set out with humble beginnings in 1989.

there is a place in Halong you should not miss in your trip, it is Bai Tho Mountain or Poem Mountain – a famous poetic and lyrical image of Halong bay with its charming beauty.

Visting peaceful villages is a fascinating activity that you should do when traveling to Vietnam. With the traquil and charming beauty of these villages, your trip will be more memorable.